Javin  Hui
Javin Hui
Sales Manager

Mayur  Goswami
Mayur Goswami
BMW Retail Floor Manager

Jay  Wong
Jay Wong
Lakeridge Mobile Team Sales Manager

Enzo  Guglielmo
Enzo Guglielmo
Client Advisor

Jermaine  James
Jermaine James
Client Advisor

Roy  Milley
Roy Milley
Client Advisor

Gord  Ferguson
Gord Ferguson
Client Advisor

Todor  Kajcevski
Todor Kajcevski
Client Advisor

Iroi  Li
Iroi Li
Client Advisor

Treevee  Raymore
Treevee Raymore
BMW Product Genius

Jackie  Xu
Jackie Xu
Lakeridge Mobile Team Assistant

Kent Tan
Kent Tan
Client Advisor

Bethany  Mazzeo
Bethany Mazzeo
Delivery Specialist

 Rebecca Lee
Rebecca Lee
Delivery Specialist

 Ben  Hui
Ben Hui
Lakeridge Mobile Team Sales Specialist

Joe  Kosmo
Joe Kosmo
Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Rida  Haider
Rida Haider
Client Advisor

Alyssa  Sebu
Alyssa Sebu
Client Advisor

Brett  Nolan
Brett Nolan
Director of Aftersales

Tyrone  Pereira
Tyrone Pereira
Service Manager

Luisa  Leca
Luisa Leca
Business Development Supervisor

Linda  Locke
Linda Locke
Service Advisor

Shant  Sorfazlian
Shant Sorfazlian
Service Advisor

Steve Tran
Steve Tran
Assistant Service Manager

Katelin  Featherston
Katelin Featherston
BDC Coordinator

Stephanie  Huang
Stephanie Huang
BDC Coordinator

Randy  Newton
Randy Newton
Parts Director

Sean  Ferguson
Sean Ferguson
Parts Manager

Blair  Bradimore
Blair Bradimore
Accessories and Lifestyle Specialist

Steve   Cole
Steve Cole
Parts Advisor

Angelo  Rajakumar
Angelo Rajakumar
Parts Advisor

Chloe  Banks
Chloe Banks
Internal Vehicles Specialist

Jason  Kwan
Jason Kwan
Financial Services Manager

Rene  Jung
Rene Jung
Financial Services Manager

Shannon  Groves
Shannon Groves
Financial Services Manager

Pamela  Griffith
Pamela Griffith
Portfolio Retention Manager

Kyle  Verge
Kyle Verge
Director of Marketing

Stéphan  Guénette
Stéphan Guénette
Project & Events Manager

Mike  Roi
Mike Roi
Social Media and Video Manager

Laura  Shettler
Laura Shettler
Business Development Manager - Sales Division

Emma  Mackenzie
Emma Mackenzie
Business Development Representative

Eric  Sadokierski
Eric Sadokierski
Marketing Coordinator

Salimah  Mulji
Salimah Mulji
Human Resources Manager

Christopher  Endras
Christopher Endras
Retailer Principal

Mark  Endras
Mark Endras
Director of Operations

Shawn  Morris
Shawn Morris
Chief Operating Officer

Danny Tran
Danny Tran
General Manager