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Sadly, it's time to put your Winters on.

At Endras BMW, we offer a variety of tire services and strive to provide the best vehicle care for our customers. From checking your tires' tread depth to storing your seasonal tires, we've got you covered. With our BMW Certified Technicians, you can trust that we'll take care of your tires. With the chilly weather starting to arrive, it's time to start thinking about putting on your winter tires! To combat this weather, Endras BMW's Service Department is please to offer you:

Tire Install Balance (Tire on Rims with Car Wash)

$159.95 +tax.

Pre-Winter Check-Up

$34.95 +tax.

Includes Battery Testing, Wiper Blade Check, Coolant strength test, Belts & Tensioner Inspection, Tire Pressure Check, and Top Up of Washer Fluid.

Storage for your Tires (Save 25%)

$100.00 +tax.

(new storage contacts only)

55-Point Vehicle Inspection + 1 Year Roadside Assistance

$59.95 +tax.

Gain peace of mind with the BMW 55-point inspection. A 55-point inspection checks every part of your vehicle to ensure it is operating the way a BMW should. This inspection includes checking your fluid levels, heating system and the overall performance of your engine (checked via road test bt one of our experienced technicians). Improve the safety and reliability of your BMW for only $59.95 plus tax.

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The Endras BMW Benefits.

Receive as a bonus, 1 year complimentary BMW Roadside Assistance and Accident Management Coverage. With BMW Roadside Assistance, you benefit from the following services:

  • Emergency Service Calls
  • Mechanical Breakdown Assistance
  • Winching
  • Traffic Accident Services
  • Emergency Message Services
  • Travel Planning Services
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Winter Tires.
  • They're Specifically Designed for Winter Driving Conditions
  • Tread is Important
  • You Should Check Their Pressure Regularly
  • You Need to Switch Out All Four Tires, Not Just Two
  • Price Doesn't Always Equal Quality
  • They Can Help You Save On Car Insurance
  • You Should Replace Them Regularly